14 Big Fourth of July events in metro Phoenix

14 Big Fourth of July events in metro Phoenix.

Many of my friends from out of town ask me how we stand the summers here in the Phoenix area.  Well, my friends, it is easy-enjoy what our Valley has to offer in the summer.  Check out the link above for lots of fun over the Fourth of July this year.  Also, it helps to have a pool at your disposal. Whether that be the neighborhood pool, one of the pools at the local resorts or your own backyard pool.

We are truly blessed in the Valley with so many world class resorts.  http://www.azfamily.com/good-morning-arizona/Summer-Staycation-Guide-Best-Values-152669295.html  It is July 1st, and I have already taken advantage of several of the deals at these resorts this summer.  I never feel too hot while lounging in the pool.

I have tried to beat the heat during several summers and visit family and friends in the midwest and D.C.  Believe me…90 degrees in Kansas City on the golf course feels like 115 degrees here in the desert and 90 degrees in DC feels, well, for now I will just say “unbearable.”