15 Ways to Stage Your Home for Optimal Resale

15 Ways to Stage Your Home for Optimal Resale

When looking at your house and enhancing the architectural features, tastefully placing furniture, art and accent pieces, your home can be on the path to sell its self.  Contrary to what one might think, an empty house does not allow the potential buyer to “picture their own stuff” in your home, but can create a void of what potential space might represent and achieve.  Most human beings are visual people.  They need to be “sold” a couch goes here, or a table goes there.  It’s less work for their mind, if a house is properly staged and ultimately an easier path to getting them to make an offer.  Here are 15 ways to take what you have and make it better, with the intention to sell it.

Adios Clutter!

Get rid of the piles of papers, stacks of books & magazines and do an assessment what you actually need to live with.  Also look at if you have too much furniture in your home.  Minimizing unused and unnecessary furniture actually maximizes the space in your house.  Organize your closets, garage and laundry room.  Remove unneeded appliances from your counters in the kitchen and have your bathrooms rid of unnecessary items in the vanity space.

Group Your Furniture Appropriately

Many assume that furniture should be pushed against the wall in order to create the look of more open space.  This is not necessarily the case when it comes to properly and thematically staging your house for resale. When staging, position furniture in groups that create and encourage an obvious environment for conversation.  This also makes space more functional and creates a more open feel.

Shake it Up

Look around and liberate yourself by moving your furniture, accents, art work, and accessories.  If you struggle with some ideas, ask a friend (with good taste) to come over and help you rearrange some key pieces in your home.  Add a lamp to a table, a plant to a counter top or a mirror to a wall.  Adding little things with light, greenery and reflection are all great ways to breathe a bit of fresh air into your home.

Get Rid of The Junk Room

If you have a room which serves to gather junk, get rid of the junk.  If you lack places for storage and you have to keep this junk room, organize it.  Put the stuff in bins and stack them nicely, or organize everything on to shelves, label and make orderly.  If you haven’t used it in 2 years – chuck it.

Proper Lighting

Creative, efficient and strategic lighting in a house can make an average space look refined, defined, and really accent the architectural elements which bring a home charm.  Indoor lighting should have 3 different types of lighting-ambient (overhead), task (pendant, reading and under cabinets) and accent (wall and table ).  Outdoor lighting is also a great way to create ambiance  dimension and visual interest.  Up lighting dramatic plant life like cacti, palo verde and mesquite trees, is a great way to make the plants in your yard art work at night.  Also, having the right wattage in your fixtures is critical.

Bigger is Better

Making spaces in your home bigger is always attractive to home buyers. Painting hallways into rooms the same color is a great way to enhance the size of a room.  Also, making window treatments and drapes the same color as the walls in your home can create the illusion the room is bigger.

Keep It Neutral

Nothing is a bigger turn off than walking into a house’s living room and instantly being taken back to the trends and styles of the era the home was built in.  Tone down the year a house was built in by keeping it neutral on the walls.  Remove all dated wall paper, and paint over any dramatically colored rooms with a neutral beige, white or off white hues.  Softer, more natural colors like blue-greens, honey, or tan are also great alternatives.  Also in bigger spaces, stay away from accent walls, they tend to detour offers.

Accent Colors

Smaller spaces like a den, bedroom or powder room are places where you can use more dramatic paint colors to achieve coziness and intimacy.   After you keep the walls of your bigger rooms neutral, accent your home with color.  Color in art work, pillows, beds and couches all are great ways to add some pop and brightness.

Be Creative With Your Wall Hangings

Most people hang their wall pieces in the same line, at the same height all the way around their rooms.  Although uniform, this can be extremely boring, lacks visual interest and clearly does not allow that specific piece the location to really make it stand out and pop.  Vary line, pattern and grouping with your art and watch your walls come to life!

3, It’s a Magic Number, Yeah It Is!

When thinking about adding accessories in your home, the odder the number, the better.  For some reason the number three is very pleasing to the eye and renders balance when coupled with variations in height, width, texture, shape and color.  Think of placing objects in triangular patterns with the largest items in the back and smaller in the front.

Make Your Yard an Extension of Your Home

Arizona living is virtually defined as spending as much time inside your home as out.  With half of the year being gorgeous enough to keep all doors and windows open, it is imperative when you are staging your home you make your outside spaces extensions of your inside spaces.  Patio furniture, outside kitchens, outside living rooms, outside dining rooms and pools all bring a great amount of value to a home as well as the appearance of increased square footage. The addition of fresh flowers in the front of the house is also a great way to add a little color, charm and make your house more inviting from the curb.

Warm, Peaceful and Inviting

Subtle changes in bed linens, towels and the addition of candles in various places are all nice ways to create warmth, peace and an overall feeling of tranquility.  You want people to feel at ease when they are in your home.  This transcends naturally to frame of mind people want to have when they are looking for a new home.  It’s not uncommon for people to say something along the lines of, “the home just felt right” after putting in an offer.


If you cannot afford new cabinets or new appliances, there are some tricks to making what you have now, look brand new.  Adding some new doors and matching the paint color to that of the cabinets is a nice way to perk up your hardware.  You can also replace door handles with newer, more interesting ones.

Repair Walls & Wood

Make sure there are no unfinished projects around the house which may deter potential buyers.  Fix cracked tiles, missing floorboards, or large cracks in your sidewalk.  Buyers almost always subtract more from their asking price than what it costs to fix them.

Polish It Up

Take the time to set up your home as if you were having company come over.  Set the table, put new towels in the bathroom, wipe down the sinks and counters, add decorative baskets and accessories, make your beds nicely, strategically place a couple of books on night stands.  The house can look lived in, but should be crisp, clean and inviting.  Another tip is to clean your carpets and wipe down all your cabinets, take some CLR and remove calcium and lime deposits on fixtures.  Clean, de-clutter, clean, remove stuff, and clean!