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Why Use a Buyer’s Agent to Find a Home

Using a Buyer’s Agent: When deciding to search for a new home, you may plan to take the plunge alone. While some individuals choose this route, I recommend having a buyer’s agent guide you through the process.

Having an experienced Buyer’s Agent on your side is beneficial for multiple reasons. They know the market, they know the process, they have access to all available properties, and most importantly, they have your best interests at heart. So please, read on to discover what I can do for you during what will be one of the biggest transactions of your life!

A Buyer’s Agent Studies the Market: Your Buyer’s Agent should spend much of their time perusing the current market  to find the home that is best for you. That includes detailed research both on and offline. In many cases, your agent will have already seen the home you are interested in and can provide you with many of the details before you even set foot on the property.

A Buyer’s Agent Has Access to Properties: One of the perks of being a Buyer’s Agent is having access to all new properties, sometimes even before they go on the market. This gives you an advantage, as the buyer, to be shown the properties that are best suited for your unique preferences. If you are in the position to look for a home, but haven’t decided to go full force, not to worry. Your agent will set up a unique search that is specialized just for you.

A Buyer’s Agent Knows the Process: Diving into the home buying process without a Buyer’s Agent is scary. Questions will inevitably come up along the way, and you want someone who can provide the answers. When working with an experience Buyer’s Agent, you do not need to worry about the details or the nitty-gritty. Any negotiating, communication with the seller or listing agent and questions about the transaction’s progress will be taken care of.

A Buyer’s Agent Works For YOU: From helping you find the right mortgage lender to meeting you at the closing table, your agent has your best interests at heart from day one. They will provide you with 100% loyalty, ensuring that you receive the best price, for the best terms, and that you receive the best information possible throughout the entire process.

When choosing me, Allison Cahill, as your Scottsdale agent, I am representing YOU. I have your best interests at heart, and will work to find you the best price on the best terms to put you in the home that is ideal for you.

Feel free to watch my short video below which will help to further explain the benefits of using a Buyer’s Agent to find and purchase a piece of Scottsdale Real Estate.

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