How to prepare to leave your home for the summer?

How to prepare to leave your home for the summer?


1.)    Drain or remove any water from bird baths, buckets, fountains, etc.  This ensures you that don’t come home to a West Nile, cesspool of mosquitoes breeding.

2.)    Stop or suspend service on newspaper delivery.

3.)    Let the HOA or guard gate know of the dates when you will be gone.

4.)    Notify your home security company of planned departure, and of anyone who may be coming by to water plants, check on your property, take care of animals,  etc.

5.)    Clean up your yard before you leave, and before the trash goes out for that week.

6.)    Clean out your fridge before trash comes.  This ensures that garbage does not sit in your trash can all summer.

7.)    Make sure all valuables, such as jewelry, are stored in a safety deposit box or in a secure location.

8.)    Notify your telephone, internet and satellite provider to put services on hold.

9.)    Keep your hot tub and pool full, turn off heating system if necessary and keep filtering system on. You will need to have someone take care of the pool chemicals and cleaning while you are gone.

10.) Close all the blinds and shutters in order to keep prying eyeballs and heat out.