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If you live in the Phoenix area, you undoubtedly know that we are in a seller’s market.  So what does this mean?

What this means is that the inventory of homes for sale is low.  This means there are more buyers than sellers.  It is the old supply and demand theory you learned in high school economics.

However, with this in mind, as a seller, do NOT get too comfortable with this idea.  This does NOT mean that if you throw your house on the market it is guaranteed to sell.  Like anything, you need to come prepared to the market!

Here are the tips I give my sellers:

1) Declutter;

2) Declutter again;

3) Go back a third time and declutter!

  • Even if your home is full of beautiful collectibles, you do not want the buyers focused on your collections.  You want them focusing on your home.
  • Clear out your closets.  Go ahead and start packing a few items for your move.  You can store them with a neighbor or family.
  • Make sure your master closet is 3/4 empty.  Pack 1/4 of your clothes and shoes away.
  • Invest in some nice hangers in the master closets.  Sounds strange, but having groups of clothing hanging on the same type of hangers make it very appealing.  All your shirts together on wooden hangers,etc. If that is too costly, use white or black hangers.
  • Recycle those wire hangers.  Take them to your local cleaners. Get rid of them. NO wire hangers!
  • Arrange your shoes and bags.
  • Fold your sweaters (if you are in Phoenix, you won’t have many).

4) Clean;

5) Clean again;

6) You guessed it, clean it once again.

  • I am talking a deep clean.
  • When the buyers start noticing areas that need a good scrubbing, they start deducting money off the price.
  •  Most likely, you are so busy with work, a spring cleaning is out of the question.  It is worth your money to hire someone to do a deep cleaning.  Your rate of return will be well worth it.

7) Curb appeal.

  • Your home should be cleared of all weeds.  This is a challenge in the spring, but get out there and get rid of the weeds.
  • Again, if you are busy, you will get a higher price for your home, if you hire someone to help you.
  • Remove any dead shrubs, plants, etc.  Even if they are only frost damaged.  You need to remove them or trim all the damage off the plants. Buyers are not forgiving.  They have dollars in mind, and they will deduct for this.
  • Put some flowers in your pots outside.
  • Make sure your door is clean.
  • Remove any debris from the yard and the entrance.

8) Stage your home.

  • You don’t need to hire someone to do this.
  • You can stage your home.
  • Set the table with nice place settings.
  • See the beautiful kitchen above.  Granted, most of us do not have a kitchen like this one, but they have made it even more appealing by adding the place settings and the plant.
  • Fresh flowers in a vase in the kitchen is always a nice touch.
  • Add fresh flowers in the entry way and master bath, as well. They do not have to be expensive. Pick some up at Costco or the grocery store.
  • You can also buy a couple of living plants.  Yes, the kind you have to water.
  • I know.  I kill every house plant too, but if you follow my advice, your home will sell quickly, and you will not have to water it for long.
  • Make your master bath feel like a spa by adding some simple candles and fresh, clean towels.
  • All bath mats should be clean and fresh looking.  If they are not, remove them or buy new ones.
  • Clear off the kitchen counters.
  • Now, add a cookbook to your kitchen counter opening it to an inviting illustration of a delicious dish.

The most important thing to keep in mind is number 9…


9) Price your home to sell.

  • Do not get greedy.
  • Make sure you have an agent who understands your neighborhood.
  • Just because our market is increasingly rapidly, do NOT price it above the current market value.
  • Be certain to review the CMA that your agent prepares.  This is a Comparative Market Analysis.  This is vital to selling your home.
  • If your home is priced above the market, buyers will shy away from your home all together.
  • Most likely, you will interview more than one agent to sell your home.  Do NOT go with the agent that prices it high.  You may  “want” them to price it high with dreams of getting an above market price.
  • The market is doing well.  Do not kill the deal before it even hits the market.
  • If the agent agrees that overpricing your home will get the overpriced sales price, then you know you have found the wrong agent.


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