What does Tri Tip Bison and Scottsdale Real Estate Have in Common?

Baffled by the title?

I was grilling some bison* tri tip this evening and a serendipitous experience ensued…

While grilling, I took a moment to take pictures of the western desert sunset. Long, thin, horizontal ,rose colored** clouds floating through our sky. After 6 years here, these sunsets still make me stop everything to photograph them. At this point, a neighbor sent me a text asking me if I was watching the moon rise over the eastern skies over the McDowell Mountains. I was so busy with the pink, western skies, I had missed the moon peaking over the McDowells.

See below for some pictures from my phone to illustrate what I am trying to explain.

For the foodies reading this, here is the recipe for the most delicious tri tip I have tasted. Not at all fatty, but plenty of juice. Realize that I have not had the pleasure of having tri tip for at least 4 years due to an intolerance for red meat. So far so good… no allergic reaction after 45 minutes.

1) Proceed to Whole Foods and purchase the bison tri tip;

2) Marinate for at least 4 hours in whatever you have in your kitchen. For me, this was balsamic vinegar (key ingredient), olive oil (also key), sea salt of some kind (again key), pepper (I won’t be annoying, and say it again), then whatever seasonings you prefer. My seasonings of preference were crushed garlic, tequila lime seasoning from Whole Foods, and a little ground red cayenne pepper;

3) Bring grill to at least 350 degrees fahrenheit;

4) Sear tri tip on each side for five minutes. By now, grill is around 450 degrees fahrenheit. Bring the temperature back down to 350 degrees (doesn’t have to be exact, just turn it down a little), and cook 10 minutes on each side. This is perfect for us midwesterners that like our meat rare. If you want it medium rare, do 7 minutes on each side. If you want it past that, well…you will simply ruin this delicious piece of meat;and

5) Slice against the grain, and grab a nice glass of wine. Mine tonight was a simple red table wine from France… $10 a bottle,89 points, delicious and light enough for our 95 degrees-Domaine La Casenove La Colomina 2008 Vin de Pays des Cotes Catalanes(accent omitted over that “O”, because I was lazy and didn’t want to figure out the accent thing).

The only thing that could upset this evening was my daughter’s exclamation that “the meat was too red!” What? She used to love rare to medium rare. The absence of red meat in our house caused her to forget how meat should be prepared. Also note, that her pairing with the meat was a Capri Sun Juice Pouch (no accents omitted)-see picture.

*Why bison and not beef? This Kansas City native cannot tolerate red meat anymore due to allergies. Sigh, pause, double sigh! I was at Whole Foods today, and thought “Why not see what would happen if I tried bison.” It’s the “other red meat,” however, I am hopeful my body won’t see it that way.

**Enough adjectives for a Danielle Steele novel.